Spring 2005
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Although changes in fees are ordinarily announced in advance, the University reserves the right to make such changes without previous announcement. Below is a list of the most recent charges.

(mandatory fees included)

Maryland Residents, Full-time Undergraduate Students $ 3,705.00
Non-Residents, Full-time Undergraduate Students $ 9,355.00
  • All mandatory fees are included in the amounts above. For billing purposes, Undergraduate full-time status is defined as registration for 12 or more credits.

(mandatory fees not included, see below)

Part-Time Undergraduates, Maryland Residents $ 258.00 per credit hour
Part-Time Undergraduates, Non-Residents $ 729.00 per credit hour

(mandatory fees not included, see below)

Graduate Students, Maryland Residents $ 371.00 per credit hour
Graduate Students, Non-Residents $ 701.00 per credit hour
  • For all categories, Non-Residents are defined as students from the District of Columbia, and all other states and countries.
  • Note that a student who has been admitted to the Graduate School will be charged the Graduate Credit Hour fee for all courses regardless of the level of the course.
  • Many graduate departments such as the Robert H. Smith School of Business or Public Affairs have special tuition rates. Please click here for further details.

In addition to the per credit hour fees, undergraduate and graduate students are charged the mandatory fees noted. All mandatory fees are refunded in accordance with the university refund schedule upon withdrawal.

The Auxiliary Facilities Fee:
Undergraduates (9+ credits) $31.00
Undergraduates (1-8 credits) $15.50
Graduate students $7.50

The Student Activities Fee:
Undergraduates (9+ credits) $29.00
Undergraduates (1-8 credits) $15.00
Graduate students $15.00

The Athletic Fee:
Undergraduates (9+ credits) $167.00
Undergraduates (1-8 credits) $ 55.00
Graduate students $ 55.00

The Shuttle Bus Fee:
Undergraduates (9+ credits) $ 57.00
Graduate students (9+ credits) $ 57.00
Undergraduates (1-8 credits) $ 29.00
Graduate students (1-8 credits) $ 29.00

The Stamp Union Fee:
Undergraduates (9+ credits) $ 108.00
Graduate students (9+ credits) $ 102.00
Undergraduates (1-8 credits) $ 54.00
Graduate students (1-8 credits) $ 54.00

The Recreational Services Fee:
Undergraduates (9+ credits) $ 138.00
Graduate students (9+ credits) $ 127.00
Undergraduates (1-8 credits) $ 70.00
Graduate students (1-8 credits) $ 70.00

The Performing Arts & Cultural Center:
Undergraduates (9+ credits) $ 33.00
Graduate students (9+ credits) $ 33.00
Undergraduates (1-8 credits) $ 16.50
Graduate students (1-8 credits) $ 16.50

Technology Fee:
Graduates and Undergraduates (9+ credits) $ 42.00
Graduates and Undergraduates (1-8 credits) $ 21.00

Residence Halls:
Maryland Residents/Non-Residents per semester (includes cable fee) $2,328.00
Telecommunications Fee $70.00

Dining Services
Campus Point Plan, Lite $1,467.50
Campus Point Plan, Regular $1,567.50
Campus Point Plan, Plus $1,667.50

Other Fees
Undergraduate Application Fee (one time only) $ 50.00
Graduate Application Fee (one time only) $50.00
Parking Registration, Campus Resident $170.00
Parking Registration, Commuter $ 83.00
Student Teaching Fee (one time only) $400.00
Special Mathematics Fee (MATH 003, 010, 013, 015) $230.00
Special Engineering Fee (ENCO 009) $ 60.00
Special COOP Fee (UNIV 099) $ 60.00
Special COOP Fee for Liberal Arts and Business (UNIV 099) an additional $18 will be charged for special course registration $ 60.00
Continuous Registration Fee (Doctoral Candidates) $ 10.00
Late Registration Fee (begins the 1st day of classes) $ 20.00
Anthropology Fee (per course) $ 30.00
Applied Music Fee $ 200.00
MUSP102Y, 103Y, 202Y, 302Y, 303Y, 402Y, 403Y $ 100.00
Architecture Studio Fee $ 125.00
Business and Management Fee:
full-time $ 125.00 per credit
part-time $ 150.00 per credit
Geography Lab Fee (per course) $ 40.00
GEOG448 Fee (per course) $ 150.00
Golden ID Card Program $ 178.50
Landscape Architecture Key Fee $ 25.00
Landscape Architecture Studio Fee $ 200.00/300.00
Life Science Lab Fee $ 40.00

Credit by Exam:
All undergrads & full-time grad students (by course) $30.00
Part-time graduate students (charged by credit hour) see credit hour fees above
Audit courses (charged the same as courses taken for credit) see credit hour fees above
001-004 Maryland English Institute - Activity Fee $250.00
001-004 Maryland English Institute - Intensive $5,990.00
005, 005A Maryland English Institute - Semi Intensive $3,372.00
006 Maryland English Institute - Pronunciation Program $975.00
007-008 Maryland English Institute - Fluency Program or Advanced Writing $1240.00
007O Maryland English Institute - Advanced Writing Program On-line $1,240.00

Orientation Fees:
Freshman - 2 day program $ 145.00
Student - One day $ 101.00
Parent Program (per person) $ 60.00

Textbooks and supplies: Textbooks and supplies vary with the course pursued, but will average $300.00 per semester.

Service Charges for Dishonored Checks: Payable for each check which is returned unpaid by the drawee bank on presentation because of insufficient funds, payment stopped, post-dating against uncollected items, etc.

For checks up to $100.00 $10.00
For checks from $100.01 to $500.00 $25.00
For checks over $500.00 $50.00
When a check is returned unpaid, the student must redeem the check and pay any outstanding balance in the account within 10 days or all University services may be severed and the account transferred to the State Central Collection Unit for legal follow-up. Additionally, a minimum 17% collection charge is added to the charges posted to the student's account at the time the transfer is made. When a check is returned unpaid due to an error made by the student's bank, the student must obtain a letter form the branch manager of the bank or a person of equivalent status admitting such an error. This letter must be submitted to the Office of the Bursar to have the service charge waived.

Library Charges: $.50 fine per day for failure to return a book from UM Libraries' regular circulating collections before expiration of loan period. Fine for failure to return book from Reserve Shelf before expiration of loan period: First hour overdue: $5.00; after first hour: $2.50 per hour for each additional hour to a maximum of $50.00 per item. In case of loss or mutilation of book, satisfactory restitution can be made.

Motor Vehicle Penalties: These are described in Traffic Rules and Regulations and Parking Guide given to students when a parking permit is purchased.

Property Damage Charges: Students will be charged for damage to property or equipment. Where responsibility for the damage can be fixed, the individual student will be billed for it; where responsibility cannot be fixed, the cost of repairing the damage will be pro-rated among the individuals involved.

Late Payment Fee: Students who fail to pay the balance due on their account are subject to an initial late fee of 5% of the outstanding balance or $10.00, whichever is greater. A 1.5% finance charge is assessed each month thereafter.

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